Things you shouldn’t tell your escort

Things you should not tell your London escort

Escorts should be considered saints for the jobs they perform. There are many close to perfect customers – real gentlemen whom you’ll be pleasured to work with. Sadly, there is exactly the opposite kind of customers as well. We don’t want to blame them, of course. Many people are using an escort service for the first time in their lives and have no idea what is the whole thing about. Some people are hiring an escort just from curiosity, others when the party is under control and go crazy. There are millions of funny cases which some of our escorts shared with us and we just couldn’t keep them only for ourselves… We understand that sometimes is just easier to say or do the “wrong” thing out of nervousness or simply because you are new at something and you don’t understand how things work yet, but the following things you shouldn’t tell your escort:

  • “I bet this was the best pleasure you’ve ever had!” – Oh really? Don’t forget that you are talking to an escort, buddy. She has been with more men than you could imagine. We bet you don’t have the skills, the experience, and even the imagination to become more proficient at the art of making love or accompanying someone than she is. There is no need to prove yourself to your escort and to tell her about your abilities. She probably already knows how good or bad you actually are in the sack. You don’t need to impress or elaborate her about how good you are when you are accompanying a woman. When told so, it’s natural for you to feel the determination to prove yourself, even more, we know, trust us, we know. Experienced escorts understand that your own desire to be appreciated for your efforts is one of the main reasons for clients to come to them. Even if you tell her something like that how good you are in what you are doing, she would never disagree with you. It’s her job to make you feel good about yourself after all, but if you don’t want to humiliate yourself in front of your date and at the same time you really want to know how good did you do, you can simply ask her whether she enjoyed herself or if there’s anything else you can do to please her better. In this case, she will probably tell you how amazing you were during your time together.
  • “You look different than your pictures.” After you have already spent half of the booking with your escort lady, it is really inappropriate to express any kind of displeasure with her appearance by basically telling her she faked her pictures or something like that, especially when her pictures are consistent and genuine. Independent escorts or the escort’s agencies often put a lot of effort and a lot of work into their photo galleries when uploading them on their websites. They usually hire professional photographers and spend a lot of time, making sure they get just the right pose and look perfect. Even if you take a professional photo you won’t look exactly like on your photo in the real life. The same goes to them. If you really want to mention something like that to your escort, you can easily say that her airbrushed photos where she’s posing in a certain sexy pose, are more attractive. She would probably know that herself already, but it’s okay to mention this at the beginning of your encounter, but not halfway through it!
  • “I thought we could do anything I wanted.” Of course, you can do anything you want, as long as you are not crossing your escort lady’s borderlines and you respect her rules. You cannot expect every escort to provide full service just for you and just because you are paying her. There are lots of escorts who provide only tours around a certain area or a company for business trips or meetings. Of course, there are as well escorts who also provide sexual services, but the best thing you can do is to clear this with her before you make your booking with her. If you are pretentious about the services she provides you with and you think that she’s obliged to do anything you want her to, it doesn’t work that way, buddy. In the end of the day, you are paying her for the time you are with her. You can engage in the activities that she allows, but nothing more.
  • “Come on, just a little bit more!” You are not your escort’s only client. You know already that this is her job and she probably has scheduled. She can also charge you for every minute you delay her double or triple if she likes to. While a lot of escorts would be happy to spend the whole night or even the whole weekend with you in the interest of making more money, others have strict graphic they have to follow and you are not their special client and you’re not privileged and allowed to ask for overtime if she cannot provide you with one.
  • “You are not as attractive as I expected.” If your escort is in front of your door or at the place you’ve agreed to meet up and you’re not pleased with her appearance, for whatever reason, send her away immediately. If you accept her even though, you should accept her no matter what your opinion about her is, without bringing up and showing an issue of her looks. “Don’t judge the book by its cover.” is also a good example in that case. You never know what kind of a person she might be and how nicely surprised by her you may be. Insulting an escort’s appearance, especially when her photo gallery represents how she looks like well, is really more than an insult to your own judgment than to her beauty and uniqueness.
  • “You deserve more than this.”  By saying this to an escort, you are disrespecting her and you’re basically telling her you to see her as a less of her position in life, due to her career choice. Many escorts are fully satisfied and happy with their lives as a professional companion. They earn more money than most people or more than they would have made if they had chosen another job. An elite high-class escort can afford not only expensive clothes but a few properties and to drive a very expensive car. They also have the freedom many people don’t have and their life, in general, is probably way more interesting than other people. Telling her that she deserve more is telling her she’s doing something wrong or that she didn’t make the right choice. Would you feel nice if someone tells you that you didn’t make the right choice if you are happy with what you’re doing? – Exactly. Therefore, always respect other’s people choices and don’t say non-senses just like that, the same way you wouldn’t be happy to be treated like that.