Reasons to hire an escort

reasons to hire escort in london

In this article, we would like to pinpoint several reasons to hire an escort.
A high-end escort averages $500 an hour with a yearly income of over $200,000. That is a massive amount of cash made from the massive amount of men who willing to pay for adult companionship. So, if escort companionship is that common and obviously, that popular, why people are so ashamed to talk about it?

A cliché developed since this type of men has been formed – men who would rather pay for female companionship than having a relationship. Really? He must have personality defects or be so physically unattractive that no woman would touch him unless he pays for that. This is definitely not true and in fact, it is exactly the opposite. Celebrities, sports stars, businessmen, politicians, scientists and other major society power players are the most often escort clients, like the ones who wouldn’t spend their hard earned cash in the company of a lovely lady. You would ask yourself why to hire a professional when there are plenty of other women who would become girlfriends to these successful and busy gentlemen?

There’s your answer – the scramble to be a girlfriend.

Busy, important gentlemen would always prefer to hire an escort for a company when they need it, simply because they don’t have time. An ordinary date would include picking up your lady and taking her out for a few cocktails while you wow her with your charm and intelligence. Afterwards, you move to an expensive restaurant for a dinner where you hope you would impress her with your personality, good taste and character even more. Later that evening, depending on how good you handled yourself throughout the first date, there is a small chance for some a sexual contact. In other words – a lot of time, effort and money are invested for this memorable date and for what?

Busy gentlemen will just skip these steps and would rather hire an escort because they don’t have time for the entire program of a traditional date. They are mainly awfully busy people who have very limited free time and they prefer to spend exactly the way they want to spend it. Men with successful careers haven’t even got the energy for something like a relationship. There’s no doubt that men and women think very differently when it comes to spending time with each other. If you ask most of the men auditory, they will honestly say that it’s all about the physical sensation for them. However, most women are traditionally way more emotional and would prefer an emotional relationship as well. They are more open to an emotional relationship than to a purely physical one.

An escort is not like most women. Her skill/mindset and attitude are unique to her profession/career.

An escort is not interested in romance, relationships and deep emotional connection with her clients. She mastered the emotional support to her clients and she’s understanding, but nothing more. You won’t get an angry text if you don’t send flowers after a night spent with her. She won’t wonder where you are and why you’re not calling every day. She’s not concerned about making a soul connection with you and she won’t have any expectations from you unless agreed otherwise. A good escort keeps her emotions for her unless she’s providing you with a girlfriend experience. The only thing she wants from you is your satisfaction when she’s accompanying you and the cost of her time.

For busy gentlemen who are already obliged to their career and have more than enough responsibilities, a company of a professional discreet escort lady from an elite escort agency is exactly what they need for their stress relief.
Probably the last thing a busy man wants is to go home after a long work day and to deal with an emotional or angry life partner who needs attention and to take care of her every need when he doesn’t have time even for himself.

This doesn’t goes only to busy men, but to men who are tired of their families, friends and everyone telling them what to do, like the classics we have all heard at least once in our lifetime – “You should think about a serious relationship with a potential of making a family and have kids.” ; “Time is passing by, life is short, stop wasting your time and find a girlfriend.” and other similar advice we are all getting from the people surrounding us without even asking for them. In fact, exactly because life is too short, it’s way better to live on maximum speed, don’t get obliged when you have the option not to, taste from everything you can touch yourself too, live fast, be wild, have fun and don’t listen to what people, society, the media and everybody are trying to tell you what to do. This is your life after all.

You should be the one deciding how would you like to live your life and don’t hold up yourself just because someone tries to give put you their opinion without asking them. If you feel like having a great time with someone who is ready to satisfy your every need and to please you in every way like an escort is always ready to do, why don’t you book one? If you are busy and tired of everyday life and you need to spend the limited free time you have like a quality one, just do it.

Of course, we don’t mean destroy yourself from partying, drinking, sex, drugs, or whatever you might think of when reading this, but to give yourself what you need and don’t stop yourself from doing what your heart pumps for and what your mind is curious for. Limiting yourself won’t help you. There are in fact, many people suffering from diseases exactly because of mental fear and limitations they put consciously on their mind and this automatically reflects on their bodies as well. However, we don’t want to stress you out or something, but just to state a couple of facts.

High-class professional escorts are not only for important businessmen and major society power players, there are an elite London escort agencies like Real London Escorts that provides these escorts on a fair for everyone price. Book your quality time and spoil yourself in the most delicious way!