Mistakes escorts make

Mistakes escorts make

Now days there are so many women all around the globe that are working as an escorts. Some of them are working as an independent escort, some of them are working through an escort agencies, but sadly, lots of them does not realize the mistakes they are making while providing their clients with companionship services. For example, a high-class elite escorts are ladies who are professionally trained to do what they are doing and have developed an excellent communicative skills. They will be tactical, polite, will listen to you carefully and will how to handle every situation and how to react at every moment while accompanying you. There are elite professional escort ladies who would never afford themselves to make even a simple mistake when they are with you. They will surely make you feel their professionalism and they will make you feel like a king.

However, there are a lot of non-professional, even more like an amateur, if you like, escorts who doesn’t pay attention to the quality of the services they are providing their clients with, or simply does not realize the impact they are making to their customers. Sadly, escorts like those, often think that they are the stars and that the world rotates around them and they are in the center of everyone’s attention and dreams, without even looking realistic at their behavior and the way they look like in other’s eyes. They often use an excuses like that men suck, men are drunks, idiots, abusers, or whatever other non-senses you have probably heard of many women before.

We don’t want to call these women cheap or stupid, but usually they are the ones making this impact about themselves without someone calling them like that beforehand. Those escorts see all men like stupid consider them as a walking ATM machines, which perhaps is also one of the reasons for them to become an escorts. We do not mean that this kind of profession is low-qualified or something like that. Many people often misunderstand the true meaning of this profession. If you are a female escort and you feel this way, sadly, it will show in your attitude and your customer will pick up on it.

Most likely, you won’t make this customer a regular one, because you won’t see him again. Most unhappy customers don’t complain, but the simply just don’t call back. In case they do, afterwards they wouldn’t complain to you, but publicly on escort review boards like the TER and Big Doggie, where this bad review will hurt your reputation and therefore your otherwise potential income.

So, even if you’re not a professional trained in what you are doing, in terms of having a good reputation and building and maintaining a successful business, as an escort you should always do your best to provide good adult entertainment, which is not about you, but about meeting and surpassing your customers wants and needs during your time together, unless requested otherwise.

Of course in a normal adult entertainment situation any adult service provider or female entertainer can provide good customer service. But if you want to build a highly successful following, make sure that your customer service is beyond the industry standards. Saying this, don’t understand that you should break the law and perform full service, allowing your clients to do whatever they like, crossing your border lines or letting them miss respect your authority or that you should become a porn star or a subject yourself to any kind of verbal or physical abuse just to satisfy your clients.

We recommend you to report this kind of clients to National Blacklist, which is an escort safety website with the largest database of bad clients, to make sure no escort will go near them again. Just simply give the gentlemen using your services the kind of personal attention and interest that may be missing in other aspects of their life. Listen to them when they talk, ask questions and show them that you are interested. Show them empathy if they share with you their business stress or personal heartaches. You don’t have to give them advices, but certainly be empathetic and show them support. Always act like a real lady with finesse and uniqueness. Always be courteous, elegant, professional and sophisticated. Make them feel lucky and pleasured to have you around them.

Another simple rules can also make a huge impact on your customers and can gain you a regular clients. For example, if you offer outcall escort services, you can impress with professionalism by always showing up on time and being dressed and make up appropriate dependently on the occasion your clients need you for. If your client needs you to accompany them on a business meeting, make sure you look and behave appropriate and make them feel proud accompanied by you. Many female escorts think that it’s all about looking sexy in the interest of impressing the men auditory, which is a massive misunderstanding and won’t help you with elite gentlemen, but of course, will surely help you with irregular one time men who are interested in that.

Just because there are many women ruining the essence of this profession it doesn’t mean you should consider it in that way. The essence of this profession is in fact very beautiful. Escorts are offering companionship. There are countless lonely people all over the world who doesn’t even have someone to talk to. The professional escorts are more like a psychologists. They will let you talk and listen to you without judging you and will rather help you with the problems you have and simply make you feel better.

If you are looking forward to expand your business, the easiest way to achieve that is to start providing not good, but at least close to excellent quality and attentive care to your clients that go beyond the industry standards. Numerous factors play role for success for any adult service provider. Doing your best in your job is like planting money seeds that will grow and yield unlimited amount of profits. If you manage to achieve that and your client list grow so much that became too big to keep up with, you can raise your prices or maintain only your best and most valued clients.

Your good clients are a lifetime value of a customer. If a customer sees you every month for 300 dollars, that’s 10, 800 dollars per year. With this in mind, think about how much all of your clients could be worth. Every lost good customer is a crucial financial mistake and bad reviews that will hurt your reputation.

Remember that adult escorting is also being and actress at times. When you and a good worthy client get together, always keep your “game face” on.