Relationship between escorts and clients

Relationship between escorts and clients

Every job hide its risks. No matter what you’re working, if you are working with clients, there are always risks, you should be aware of. There are jobs that are not for everyone and require closer work with the clients. Lots of women all around the globe are working as an escorts. But there are relationship risks with regular clients that escort should be aware of.

Every escort builds bonds and relationships with the clients who regularly see them. However, while many advantages and privileges come with those closer ties, some risks do exist that make frequent appointments quite tedious. When your job is to accompany clients it’s natural to spend increasing time with someone, such as your clients, the formality of the new “friendship” is being replaced with the kind of familiarity that brings a variety of different ways of behavior, new characteristics and dynamics into play. Many escorts often considered a positive experience to create regulars from one-time clients but experience serious complications that make bookings difficult to endure.

An escort should always consider these relationship risks with regulars as they grow their client list.

  • Regular clients will always try to cross the border line. During the “honeymoon period” when your client is still learning how to operate with you and what you allow, he will obey your rules. He will observe what you enjoy doing and will probably respect the limits you put on them. However, once you get more familiar with your client and get to know him, those bonds make clients to feel that they can ask for more like special privileges, beyond what is traditionally offered to them. If you let this happen, you risk to make them feel like their escort really like them or that they are special, so they would suspect that they can request more and different services than before. It will help you if you try to put yourself in their shoes. Imagine that you are a client and you are paying for a certain service or a product. As a client, you would always want the maximum of what you’re paying for, right? The same way the escort clients are feeling. Even though, every client is different, privileges are often assumed without even asking for them in a first place. Clients cross escort lines by taking their friendships (that were supposed to be a business relationship) too far. You should always be more reserved and to protect yourself from this type of clients, because you never know how this is going to end. Encounters who begin to push boundaries or pressure for extra allowances and privileges are not worthy of keeping.
  • Attachment issues can become a difficulty. This might happen both ways – an escort can develop feelings for their clients, and vice versa. It’s totally natural for “couples” who often spend a lot of time together, to develop some favorable emotions toward each other especially if they are associated with positive sensations, such as climaxing from sexual activities. Whether it’s natural association of love, sex or strong feelings of affection, these kind of feelings routine can definitely complicate the matters between an escort and her client. If you suspect that your client is becoming a lovesick suitor, it’s probably time to step back and make this regular client an irregular one. If being an escort is your job, you should always maintain a business kind of relationship with your clients, instead of developing a personal one. If you notice even a simple spark between you and your client, you have to back away in the interest of protecting yourself in the first place and your client. Feelings of attachment cause hurt, misunderstandings and a lot more serious problems, if left unchecked on time.
  • Some escorts and their regular clients begin to feel quite comfortable with each other. This happen when they start spending more time together, therefore to discuss their time apart, events in their lives and other trivial matters and activities that are related to their time together. This becomes a habitual sharing process and make the client begins to create senses about their escort relationship, or vice verse. In these circumstances their bond is getting stronger than an appropriate one and in the end you or your client may realize that this habitual process of spending time together involve emotions and you or they are falling in love, simply by spending considerable time together.
  • Sexual chemistry between an escort and her client. If you are an escort and you feel very attracted to your client, or perhaps, he is feeling this way about you or its mutual and stronger than the usual this will not only make your shared time together more nice, but you should take into consideration that you may become adjusted to each other. The spark that fuels the sexual excitement may grow or decrease, which can be good or bad, depending on the individuals. Just as you become more used to having sex with a long-term partner in a personal relationship, as an escort you may become adjusted with your regular client.
  • When the two of you meet more frequently it becomes difficult for your client to keep himself in “check”. If you notice that his hygiene, manners and courtesy become less of a priority as a result of him being different as a regular client than the irregular ones, it’s time to keep some distance or to make him a irregular one. He may feel like he can be himself with you after meeting you several times, which reveals an entirely new side to a client. Once your client gets away with less than perfect behavior, it will become the norm and you have to decide whether you willing to tolerate it or not.

There are, however, a lot of cases of escorts and clients who fell in love with each other. After all, this is the most natural and beautiful thing in the world.

It this article we wanted to aware all escort ladies of the risk of getting hurt or hurt a client emotionally. We are always happy to receive a wedding and birth announcements from our escorts and clients who met through our high class escort service company Real London Escorts. This always put a smile on our faces. We are always delighted to find the tenth marriage announcement is our mailbox!