What is life like as an escort?

What is the life of an escort?

Maybe the first question that pops out in your mind is:

How much money an escort make?

This, of course, changes day to day and it depends on a lot of factors. For example, a high-priced escort can make over $10 000 over a weekend without even involving much sex, but more company.

Perhaps, you’re also wondering what they’re using the cash for?

Our escorts from RealLondonEscorts are very happy with what they are doing. We know each one of them very well and if you ask them, they will probably say that being an escort is great. They can afford to go on vacation at least once per month, help their families and buy themselves expensive clothes and jewelry, drive expensive cars and have all the free time that they need. Most of them have a few properties and a few expensive cars. Some of them even have families or are in serious relationships. The life they have is a result of an important choice they made earlier in their lives. None of them regrets their decision. They even say that it’s not just for the money they make, but for the experience and the fun they get. Most of them are having a lot of fun with their clients most of the time. This job gives them the opportunity to travel, to see the world, to eat and to drink expensive wine in restaurants, to visit the most beautiful places in the world and to sleep in the most luxury hotels. A lot of them are accompanying elite gentlemen on their business trips and travel with them for their business meetings and events. All this gives them the opportunity to feel like even more classy ladies for being there. They enjoy their luxury life.

What is the education level of an escort?

Many people think that being an escort means that you don’t have the education, qualification and the capability of something “better”. This, however, is not the truth at all. Let us give you an example with one of our precious escorts – Lexie. She was studying psychology. She’s one of those “natural psychologists”. When she started working with us in Real London Escorts as an escort. She put her studies on hold when she realized that she is already practicing psychology at work with better pay and fewer hours. She said her job now is way more interesting than she could have ever expected. She’s practicing what it’s interesting for her the most and her biggest passion. She’s meeting new clients every day and she’s not only a company for them, but they are very interesting clients for her. This way she expands her psychological knowledge and at the same time she’s having fun with her clients and she’s getting paid way better than just as a psychologist. This is just one of the thousands of stories of our escorts. They are all intelligent ladies with various interests and passions. Some of them are studying law, biology, veterinarian degrees and so on and being an escort works just perfect for them.

You may ask did these girls have other options in life?

Yes. This is the first choice. They all have their different other options in their lives. Most of them are with very strong resumes and they can always apply for a different job. However, they preferred choosing their current job and life and for a good reason. They are working through our company but they are independent anyway. They have the right to choose their clients and their work time. They decide whether they are going to visit their clients or the clients who need them will come along their property. They have the freedom and the money that a lot of people are dreaming of.

Is being an escort fulfilling, if so, how?

Our escorts say that they see the positive effect they give to their clients. They see their frequent clients grow and become more confident. Being an escort is more like being a psychologist. They say that they love that they can give their clients a non-judgmental space to be themselves and to explore that person. This is something the clients say that do not get in their homes, from their partners or families. There’s no doubt that most f the people would be more comfortable to share more personal stuff and would rather talk about their problems to someone stranger than to their close people. For example, there are a lot of people married for so many years and they still cannot talk to their partners fully comfortable about everything that bothers them. The reason most of the clients are using escort services is that an escort is a companion who works with a lot of people every day and therefore gained excellent communicative skills. This is not only their job. They are very understanding and what they are doing is really interesting to them. Our escorts share with us their experiences very often and we are more than happy to give them the opportunity for having these lives. They say that they love the freedom and travelling business class and enjoying luxury life. They love the travel and they are able to do. They love how they help their families. They love the friendships they’ve formed with clients.

What was their socio-economic status before becoming an escort?

Every escort is from different background and different past. Some of them grew up “normally”, some of them not so much.  For example, many of them would say they grew up lower class. Many of them with a single parent. Most of them didn’t have a very happy childhood and they had to grow up fast. A lot of them are still taking care of their parents. Let us tell you the story of one of our angels – Clara:

She has been interested in this kind of companionship for years. As a teenager, she was fascinated by sex – well, at that age, who isn’t  – but for her, this was more than an interest. Sensation-driven frenzies she was curious about, but the psychological and social mechanics behind it. Why would somebody want to sleep with this particular ideal? What kind of images does one need to project in order to get the other person off? This curiosity grew. Years went by, she moved out to London for a university, lived alone, had a lot of casual sex, though she was never paid for it. She built up some friendships and surprisingly one of these girls – Melanie was working as an escort with us. Melanie was as much fascinated by this kind of work as Clara was and her enthusiasm drove Melanie to finally see it for herself and she contacted us.

Nowadays, they are still working with us. They both have serious relationships and are planning to have kids as well. They say that they would never regret their decision because this job gave them everything they have even needed.

We give ladies like Clara and Melanie the opportunity to have their dream life. To have the freedom they need and the affordability of everything they want.